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About Dr. Nandini Ray

Dr. Nandini Ray has operated on more than 15,000 Cataract patients and has been doing Phacoemulsification since 1994. She has performed largest number of multifocal lens operation (with Alcon Restor OL) in Eastern India over the last six years.

After her return to Calcutta, India in January 1996, she has been attached as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon to FORTIS Medical & Research Centre. She is the DIRECTOR of RADIANT EYE FOUNDATION AND MEDICAL CENTRE, Elgin Road, Kolkata.

About Radiant Eye Foundation

  • Established in 2004 fully comprehensive and eye check up in an exclusive yet comfotable environment. Exclusive clientele into many satisfied celebrity patient.
  • Visiting consultant for glamour and Retina cherloop / Lasik assesment .
  • Cataract assesment and advice regarding femto laser assisted cataract surgery FLACs.
  • Premium/Advanced technology 10hr for relative Spectacle independence.
  • Counselling for Diabetic and Hypertensive eye disorder.
  • Advice for Dry Eye Disorder and computer Vision Syndrome.
  • Contact lens / low Vision Aid clinic.
  • We Provide Full Eye Examination with latest- DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT
  • EVALUATION for CATARACT Surgery-latest microincision Phacoemulsification with choice of PREMIUM IOL’s to correct Presbyopia and Astigmatism (For SPECTACLE FREEDOM)
  • RETINA Clinic for evaluation of Diabetic and Hypertensive retinopathy and other condition like MYOPIC retinal changes etc.
  • GLAUCOMA CLINIC and swearing in case of positive Family History with SLIT LAMP EXAM / Fields ( HUMPHREY) , Pachymetry , Goniopathy I.O.P. , OCT (RNFC)

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